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     In any kind of therapy, the wisest course is to start with the treatment that involves the least discomfort, the least expense, and the least risk.  Millions of Americans who have back problems alleviate these annoying or even disabling problems with the drugless healing method of Chiropractic which involves neither surgery nor medication.

     The Doctor of Chiropractic whom you consult will explain this science:  the gentle manipulation of the spine to correct any imbalance along the spinal cord and free the nerve communication system to carry its vital messages to every part of the body.

     The examination consists of passing “educated” hands over the entire spinal area, testing and probing painlessly to find any place where the vertebrae are out of alignment, even if only very slightly.  Other diagnostic techniques, such as xray, may be used as well.  After locating the cause of the trouble, the Doctor of Chiropractic begins a series of treatments.

No individuals, including those under our active care, should use the information, resources or tools contained within to self-diagnose or self-treat any health-related condition. Diagnosis and treatment of all health conditions should only be performed by the doctor or other licensed health care professional.
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