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During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes changes to prepare for the birth of her child. There is a natural change within the pelvic structure, along with a change in weight distribution. It is not uncommon for a woman suddenly to find herself troubled by headaches, lower back and circulatory strain and leg pains. These disorders can often be attributed to the strain of pregnancy on the musculoskeletal system.

Along with regular obstetric care, chiropractic care can be used throughout pregnancy to lessen or eliminate these problems. In many instances, chiropractic treatment can lessen the pain of delivery. The doctor of chiropractic can pinpoint specific problems and , through treatment and recommenced exercise, can help make pregnancy more comfortable and relaxed.

No individuals, including those under our active care, should use the information, resources or tools contained within to self-diagnose or self-treat any health-related condition. Diagnosis and treatment of all health conditions should only be performed by the doctor or other licensed health care professional.
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