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     Every year, there are millions of back injuries.  While the ones everyone hears about, most associated with industry, the identical strains and sprains occur in a lot more situations that receive less publicity.  It can happen when a housewife decides to lift one end of the sofa to straighten a rug.  It can happen when a middle-aged office worker tackles heavy yard work.  It can happen when a physically fit younger person lifts a big weight the wrong way.

     A large proportion of the resulting strains and sprains could have been avoided if two very basic procedures had been followed.  First, use common sense.  If the load to be lifted is too heavy for you, try to do it in smaller sizes.  If this isn’t possible, get help, even if it means waiting to do it.

     Second, you should know how to lift.  A long study of back injuries made by the National Safety Council showed that far too many people over-reach or twist or bend their backs when lifting.  The right way, the Council, as well as chiropractors, who are back specialists, found, is to keep your back straight and let your legs furnish the power.  Even if you’re out of shape, most likely the worst that can happen is to have temporarily sore leg muscles.

     Your chiropractor deals almost daily with back strains and sprains that would never have happened if the patient had known how to lift correctly.  Use your head and your legs–and save your back.

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