Dr. Miller in his office

William Miller, D.C.

The Early Years

I was born in 1947 in the small Midwestern town of Marshalltown, Iowa. My first experience with a chiropractor came at age 6 when I had been suffering with earaches for two years and the normal course of treatment was penicillin that had no effect on my infections. My dad took me to Dr. Irvine who lived in a big house on Main Street. I remember him being a very gentle man who took me into his office and said he was going to make me feel better by fixing a problem in my neck. That night my ear began to drain and the pain was much better. My dad again returned me to Dr. Irvine for a second visit the next day. I have never had an earache since. Being a small boy, I forgot things quickly and I didn’t feel the need for any chiropractic care until my junior year. In high school I was clipped from behind on a kickoff while playing football and injured my neck and low back. I didn’t know it at the time, but that aggravated a congenital defect that I had in the last vertebrae in my low back.

Chiropractic Calling

After high school graduation, my dream was to become a neurosurgeon, but that soon changed. As with all kids in the early 60’s, you were notified to report for the draft. At that time I was having occasional aches in my lower back and legs and X-rays confirmed the congenital defect that kept me out of military service. Orthopedic doctors and a neurosurgeon in Des Moines said that I probably would not be much improved if I were to have low back surgery and possibly could be worse. These words convinced me that chiropractic could be the answer. I had two uncles and a stepbrother that were already in chiropractic practice and that perhaps was also a reason to keep things going in the family way.

I entered Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and began my course of study. My conviction of becoming a chiropractor far outweighed the difficult curriculum and long hours of study. I knew that I was studying a very worthy profession. I began taking adjustments weekly at the college clinic and within three months the pain in my lower back and legs had ceased and my legs were again functioning properly.

In my senior year, my grades had been such that I was appointed to a clinic internship which entailed not only regular studies but to oversee students treating patients and grading them on their work. During that time, I had the opportunity to go over thousands of case files and oversee the patients and witness their progress. I saw patients run the alphabetical gamut from asthma to zinc deficiency. It never ceased to amaze me how patients with long standing illnesses and pain would respond so positively to their chiropractic care. I considered entering medical school after chiropractic college to have both degrees, but my senior year in clinical practice convinced me that the natural approach to health was my true calling.

Calling Lawrence Home

After graduation I decided not to practice in my hometown but spread my wings. I didn’t want a large city nor be too far from home. I traveled around Iowa and Kansas and felt that Lawrence had a small town feel with college excitement and was close to Kansas City for large city activities.

Since then I have been blessed with thousands of patients and have seen and heard just about every kind of ailment and treated same with very good results without the use of surgery or drugs. I truly believe in what chiropractic can do. I’ve lived it and seen it in action. I invite you to experience the wonders of chiropractic in a home-like atmosphere with 40 years of experience. My promise to you is that with God’s guidance we can improve your health and quality of life and living!