Pain Relief and More

Miller Chiropractic Wellness specializes in helping patients with neck, lower back, hip pain, leg pain, accidents, and sports-related injuries. Our deep understanding and years of experience have given us tremendous successes with treating accident-related and disc-related injuries, as well as providing relief to pregnant women with managing their lower back discomfort.


Convenient for You

Conveniently near the University of Kansas campus, in central location to all points in Lawrence, Dr. Miller and his staff offer a natural healing approach to better health with 40 years of experience you can trust.










We are blessed to serve our patients.


Dr Miller and his wife are a team.

They care not only about our health, but also about our personal lives. I consider Dr. Miller my family doctor. He is honest and tells it like it is. He has a sense of humor! He listened to my personal problems when our family was going through a rough time a few years back. He has helped my husband, my son, and me keep healthy. He and his wife are good people; people I trust.

Listen to your body! 

Sometimes life ups and downs also includes bumps and falls.

I have had the pleasure of Dr. Millers expertise for many years.

The relief I feel after an adjustment makes me feel 10 years younger. Dr. Miller has taught me to pay attention to body and the aches and pains that are associated with hard work and getting older. Adjustments are allowing me to continue working while maintaining a healthier body. Thank you so much!

Positive Chiropractic Experience

Dr. Miller is a highly competent and professional chiropractor. He really listens and pays attention to what you are reporting about your body. His 30 years + experience show in his knowledge of the human body and his ability to translate his diagnosis to you. With his wonderful wife at the front desk, this family is always friendly and caring. I have seen many chiropractors and I highly recommend Dr. Miller. My family have been patients of his for ten plus years.
-Cynthia W.

I’ve been going to Doc regularly since 1978.

He is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He relaxes you before adjusting your back, while others just pop your back without relaxing you, and that hurts. Several years ago I was having problems with double vision. I went to a local doctor and he told me he thought I had myasthenia gravis, so he sent me to KU Med. The neurologist (quack) at KU tested my reflexes, had me outstretch my arms, close my eyes and alternate touching my nose with my left and right index finger, and he had me jump up and down on one leg. He then proceeded to tell me that I had MS without ever running any other tests. After a few visits with Doc, my double vision went away. Needless to say, I DON’T have MS. Thanks Doc and Jan. You know you can never retire.
-Karla W.

No Nonsense Chiropractic Help

Dr. Miller was recommended to me for being a “good neck” man and has had to deal with my neck several times in the last five or so years. Bill never promises miracles and lets it be known that the patient has responsibilities to avoid the activities that cause the problem in the first place. In fact, if you have done something stupid, he let’s you know. He has strong opinions! He has helped me to be realistic about a degenerative disc and seems to understand when I need multiple visits closely spaced and when it is time for maintenance. Bill is honest and only uses Medicare when the facts justify it.
-Carol A.